Collaborative Choreography Challenge

While we are stuck at home during quarantine, let’s dance alone together! The goal of this project is to stitch together a dance performance from individual submissions. I’ve provided a Bingo card below, courtesy of Canva. You don’t need to be an amazing dancer to participate, just someone who likes to move their body!

How to Play

Use this card to inspire at least 5 different movements based on your body’s movement abilities. String these 5+ movements into a sequence. Film yourself performing that sequence and email your submission to (Subject heading: Collab Dance).

The Collaborative Dance Bingo Card

Some tips for making a great submission video

  1. Use your phone camera to record yourself. Either landscape or portrait orientation is fine just make sure you remain in the frame.
  2. Hold your starting and ending positions for 3 seconds (3 Mississippis).
  3. Make sure your filming location has enough light on you. Avoid filming in backlight.

When will the collaborative performance be?

The compiled video will be posted here on May 2, 2020. Please submit your video no later than April 29, 2020.

Below I’m providing an example of collaborative choreography and digital choreography projects if you want an idea as to what the final product might be like.

Young Artists of America’s students in Dancing Through MT History class with Trent Soyster
Dancing with Trees – a solo pas de deux with nature