Make Your Own Superhero Costume

Due to the multitude of shelter in place orders, my Projects in Community-Based Theatre course have radically shifted into an online format. This activity was developed in response to my professor, Dr. Stephani Etheridge Woodson’s, prompt to devise an activity that focuses on caregivers (ie. parents) and loved ones (ie. children) collaborating together creatively. Ideally, the activity should take no more than 20-30 minutes and be a resource for caretakers stuck at home during the COVID-19 quarantine.


Hey parents! Here’s a #funactivity to do with your #kids at home while #quarantine is in place. Make your own #superhero costume. #duetwithme

♬ Holding Out for a Hero – From “Footloose” Soundtrack – Bonnie Tyler
Follow this video step-by-step to complete the Make Your Own Superhero Costume challenge or see the directions below.

The premise is simple: create a Superhero costume out of objects that you have on hand in your home. There are 6 items to collect:

  • Something for your head (anything from a hat, scarf, or helmet to a colander or soup pot will do!)
  • Something for your body (capes, shields, “magic” belt…)
  • Something for your hands (gloves, socks, jewelry, watch, tattoos?)
  • Something for your feet (boots, slippers, bare, flippers…)
  • A special prop (think along the lines of Thor’s hammer or Wonder Woman’s lasso)
  • A catchphrase (What does your superhero always say when their nemesis approaches? Or when they know they are in danger? Or when they answer the call to fight?)

My nephews, Alexander and Knox, helped me to produce this Superhero Costume challenge on TikTok. Many thanks to them!

If you’d like to complete the challenge and share back with me you can through these methods:

I would love to see your creations and would be happy to feature them on this blog!