As a director and choreographer I tackle storytelling from a myriad of perspectives, styles, and themes. I seek work that challenges me intellectually and artistically, and I strive to motivate my audience to reflect on their own experiences and understandings of the plays they see. When working with actors and designers, I believe in the collaborative nature of theatre. Much like a captain steering a ship, I cannot create my art alone. Indeed I rely on the talents and input of other artists to complete my vision of any show. The process of creating theatre is organic and the form a play takes continually fluctuates and adapts to new discoveries, information, and play. I specialize in harnessing that evolution and molding it into the form of the story in line with the playwright’s intentions.

The Producer’s at The Little Theatre of Alexandria receives RAVE reviews!

Maryland Theatre Guide The current production of “The Producers,” directed by Kristina Friedgen and choreographed by Stefan Sittig, is outstanding.  Leo Bloom was played by Ryan Phillips, who told this reviewer he liked the nuances of Gene Wilder’s performance in the original 1968 film, but he liked the physical humor of Mathew Broderick’s performance in the 2005 Hollywood version of the musical.  Mr. Phillips’ performance successfully captures the best of both… Read full post

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The Forever Quest

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The Forever Quest, an original devised TYA play
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January 2022


YAA's Summer Performing Arts Intensive
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June & July 2022

First Publication

Theatre Journal Review of work.txt and Phase One: The Underbrush
Kristina's First Publication
Published June 2021

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