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    Theatre Arts


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    Utilizing Tectonic Theatre Project's Moment Work process, the GC Theatre Company will be devising an original play based on the Good Counsel community.

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    Good Counsel Performing Arts Center

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    November 2, 3, 9, 10 at 7:30 pm

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    As an educator, I strive to provide an academic and artistic environment for my students that will not only encourage their interest in theatre and the arts, but make them more creative, motivated, and compassionate people.  I want to stimulate my students’ interest and curiosity while providing them with the ability and resources to find their own answers and develop their own conclusions. Outside of direct classroom interactions, teachers have a great power over their students.  Creating a safe space where students can be open and honest provides students with not only an effective learning environment, but a place to grow and be challenged. I believe in supporting my students and encouraging their hopes and goal, especially artistically.  Finally, I believe that education is more than just a student’s ability to parrot content-centered responses.  For our educational system to foster a truly educated society, we must encourage student to apply their education at every turn.

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    in rehearsal on The Music Man

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    Marian the Librarian

    from The Music Man

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    looking for more from

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