Theatre of Radical Compassion

As a scholar-artist, my research has focused on examining and creating theatre experiences that encourage audiences to interact with each other to impact the work being made. Whether through digital or in-person performance, I am passionate about exploring how theatrical play can foster connections between people in order to build coalitions for social action. To best answer this inquiry, my research has culminated in utilizing a Theatre of Radical Compassion approach based on theoretical grounding in theatre for social justice, compassion studies, and justice studies. Developed with my research partner, Jacob Buttry, we use Theatre of Radical Compassion (TRC) as a toolbox that enables us to center care and relationship-building in ways that effectively promote ensemble, collaborative play, creative agency, and stewardship of the creative work among collaborators. My research developing TRC has influenced the ways in which I shape my rehearsal spaces to be inclusive, welcoming, and brave – a mission I bring to my work with communities as well.