Kristina Friedgen: Acting Coach, Director, Teacher, Actor, Choreographer
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    “By the time I finished my training with Kristina, I was confident in my audition skills, knowledgeable about the business, and had been given the tools to pursue life long improvement as an actor.”

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    Whether you’re preparing for your college audition or just looking to improve your acting skills, I believe in teaching you the tools and skills you will need to not only meet your short term goal, but your long term aspirations. I provide personalized, one-on-one coaching designed to specifically meet your immediate needs, while continually advising you on the path to your future success.

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    Pasek & Paul's song cycle

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    Sandy Spring Friends School

    Performing Arts Center

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    Thursday, July 26, 2019

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    Director Kristina Friedgen
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    As a director and choreographer I tackle storytelling from a myriad of perspectives, styles, and themes. I seek work that challenges me intellectually and artistically, and I strive to motivate my audience to reflect on their own experiences and understandings of the plays they see.


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    When working with actors and designers, I believe in the collaborative nature of theatre. Much like a captain steering a ship, I cannot create my art alone. Indeed I rely on the talents and input of other artists to complete my vision of any show.


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    Kristina, the Actor Image
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    The process of creating theatre is organic and the form a play takes continually fluctuates and adapts to new discoveries, information and play. I specialize in harnessing that evolution and moulding it into the form of the story in line with the playwright’s intentions.


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    About Kristina

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    A Stylistic Storyteller

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    A resident of the DC Metro area for 14 years, Kristina teaches theatre full-time at Our Lady of Good Counsel High School where she is also the artistic director of the Good Counsel Theatre Company. In addition to her work at the school, Kristina serves on the Board of Director’s for Damascus Theatre Company and has performed in three productions with DTC: My Favorite Year (Belle), A Little Night Music (Petra), and Fiddler on the Roof (Frumasarah).

    When not working with DTC or GCTC, Kristina freelance directs and choreographs at different community and educational theatres across the DC Metro area--from Alexandria to Annapolis. She has also worked professionally as an assistant director with The Olney Theatre Center, Roundhouse Theatre Company, ATMTC, and Signature Theatre. Kristina earned her BA in Theatre from the University of Maryland and her Certification in Teaching from Notre Dame of Maryland.

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